Thursday, February 24, 2011

Which Pre-order Pet Will You Choose?

Decisions, decisions.
If you pre-ordered Rift you will have the choice of receiving one of three companion pets.

I thought I'd dig up what each of these pets looks like so you can make an more informed choice as to which of these beasties to take home with you.

In your mail you will receive a Companion Gift. This item begins a quest when when completed will allow you to choose one of three items. Each item gives one companion pets.

The information and images for this post were taken from Telarapedia. The entry on the Companion Gift quest gives us a sneak peak at each of the pets.

Image © Telarapedia

Stone Egg summons the The Cockatrice Chick.

Image © Telarapedia
The Pearlescent Conch summons the Deep One Spawnling.

Image © Telarapedia
The Scorched Collar summons the Hellhound Pup.

Which will you choose? I'm leaning towards the puppy. I've always wanted a flaming doggie of death!