Friday, February 25, 2011

Character Creation Impressions (We're Impressed!)

Rift Dwarf
This is a screenshot of the character creation of a dwarf character. I was trying to make a dwarf a bit similar to one of my World of Warcraft characters.

While making the character I couldn't shake the feeling that this is what my WoW character would look like if rendered in real life.

We tend to grow attached to our characters. Often times recreating them over and over in various games we play.

Warcraft Dwarf
This is a screenshot of my WoW Dwarf. The resemblance is quite (striking which is fine by me). I'm excited to take an old friend on new adventures in a new world.

The detail of the Dwarf faces in Rift is pretty astounding. While it may be tiny when I'm actually playing the game just taking a few minutes to admire the detail is well worth it.

Bravo Trion. You did a fine job on the character models and customization options.

(Click for full size image.)
High Resolution Facial Textures

Have you recreated any of your favorite characters from past game in Rift?