Thursday, February 24, 2011

Head Start Server Restarts

Not what you want to see after waiting in the queue.

 (2:00PM PST) - So I finally made it into a server and had literally ust finished my intro video when a message popped up letting me know the server was coming down for maintenance. I have the worst luck! 

Players aren't afraid to speak their mind.
I did grab a screenshot of the the player reaction to the server restart. I think they speak for all of us who are trying to enjoy our Head Start time.

Having worked as a developer on two different MMO launches I feel the developer's pain. If you launch with too few server you risk long queue times for the first few days. 

If you have too many servers you risk splintering the play base badly and when the initial interest dies off you end up with under populated servers which may lead to server merges which don't look good to anyone.

Head Start server's down.
The servers are currently down.While you wait (again) we want to know how your Rift Head Start experience has been so far. Let us know in the comments below.

Update 1 (2:10PM PST) - Just after posting this the servers appear to have come back up. Hop back in!