Friday, March 4, 2011

Funny Turtle Mount Glitch

You must become one with the turtle!

So If you didn't apply a Collector's Edition key to your account the free ride is over - literally. All our nice free turtle mounts were taken away from us today.

The funny thing is that if you logged out while mounted on one you ended up looking like this today.

I took the chance to take some sweet turtle action shots while I have the chance. Who knew turtles could fire lasers!

The power of Vigil compels you!
Teenage Mutant Laser Turtles!


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Update 1: There are a few posts about this on the forums. Players are apparently reporting you have to buy and/or mount a different mount to make is to away. Other than that you have to put in a GM ticket. I guess I'm stuck with "turtle power" until I get more money.

Update 2: While I had originally assumed this was simply a graphical bug there are issues with pet classes. When I try to send my pet to attack something I get a "You cannot command your pet while riding a mount." error. This removes a key functionality of any pet class. Dying and swimming don't work to remove the mount either. I'm putting in a GM ticket. Hopefully they can get this resolved soon.